Giving Employees the Decision-Making Power of Digital Tools

Tamara Nagridge

| 2 min read

Businesses invest in Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network employee health care plans because of the quality health care coverage they deliver. But for employees, there's value beyond the benefits. As Blue Cross and BCN members, they have access to a suite of digital tools and resources to help them better understand their plans and make smart health care choices. Because when employees are engaged in their health care, businesses benefit from a healthier, happier workforce, and can even save on health care costs. As employees enroll in their Blue Cross or BCN health care plans, remind them to create their member accounts at or using the Blue Cross mobile app. Once they do, they can begin taking advantage of the various resources and tools available right at their fingertips. Use Blue Cross' resource toolkits to help promote the value of these digital tools:
  • Online Member Account: Distribute materials detailing all of the services available with an online account, such as coverage management, deductible and claims information.
  • Blue Cross® Health & Wellness: Share WebMD’s award-winning health assessments and digital programs and how they can help employees reach their health goals.
  • 24/7 Online Health Care, Powered by American Well®: Educate employees about the Amwell™ app and how to see a U.S. board-certified doctor for care using a smartphone, tablet or computer.*
  • Getting Care and Understanding Costs: Promote the Find a Doctor tool to search for doctors and hospitals in their plan’s network, review quality information and plan ahead for certain medical procedures with total costs estimates.
Once registered for an online account, employees become empowered to focus on healthier lifestyles and make more informed decisions. In return, businesses receive a workforce of more informed health care consumers, which means greater value for their employee benefits investments. If you're a Blue Cross or Blue Care Network Member, accessing these resources is also made easy through the BCBSM app. Learn more and download it for free today. *U.S. only. Some states have visit and prescribing restrictions. Online health care doesn’t replace primary doctor relationships. American Well® is an independent company that provides online health care for Blue Cross and BCN members. WebMD Health Services is an independent company that provides health and wellness resources to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network members. If you liked this post, you might also enjoy:
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