Videos Address Mental Health in the Workplace

Julie Bitely

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Pop culture hits such as “The Office” and “Office Space” demonstrate just how frustrating life in a cubicle can feel sometimes. While television shows and movies poking fun at office life likely make you laugh, if the real deal sometimes makes you want to cry, there is help and hope. Dr. Daniel Eisenberg is a professor of health management and policy at the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan. With a $74,934 grant from the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation, Eisenberg worked with a team to create a series of videos designed to help office workers deal with some of the most common office-related annoyances they might regularly encounter. “We were hoping to raise awareness about common sources of stress in the workplace and provide information about coping skills that can help people handle that stress more effectively,” Eisenberg said. Eisenberg and team held focus groups with staff members at the university and talked to experts and stakeholders in the area of employee wellness to identify video topics. The resulting videos are short, engaging and quickly provide easy-to-implement techniques that viewers can work into their day. In a randomized trial with university employees, people reported the videos to be “memorable and useful,” Eisenberg said. He thinks employers should make mental health a routine part of workplace culture, something that is discussed as regularly as basic physical health concerns. Read more about and watch each video:
Eisenberg is also the founder of the Healthy Minds Network. Read more about his work with mental health on college campuses here. If you liked this post, you might also enjoy:
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