Vision and Dental Coverage: The Gift to Your Employees that Keeps on Giving


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How’s this for a reality check? By the year 2020, 25 percent of the workforce will be made up of people who are over the age of 55. While it’s true that with age comes wisdom and experience, being older also comes with a higher risk for vision or dental concerns (individuals over the age of 65 account for 30 percent of all reported vision problems). That’s why including dental and vision coverage in your employee benefits package is smarter now than ever before. Here are just a few reasons why you should give your employees the gift of vision and dental insurance:
  1. It keeps employees engaged. Studies have shown that vision disorders account for more than $8 billion in lost productivity in the U.S. each year (resulting in a total annual economic impact of more than $51 billion). Keep your employees healthy and present with preventive care and proper vision health.
  2. It saves everyone money, now and later. Eye doctors can spot early signs of diabetes or certain cancers (such as intraocular melanoma or retinoblastoma) through a simple eye exam. Plus, every $1 spent on preventive dental care saves $4 in future treatment costs. You and your employees have the potential to save money now and down the road with preventive care and plans that cover it.
  3. It helps employees feel valued. Top quality employees look for robust benefits packages. Adding dental and vision coverage to their health plans makes them feel like they’re a priority and that you’re willing to invest in their well-being.
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