Keeping Employees Motivated and Productive this Winter

Zach Micklea

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With the shorter days, cold weather, and more time indoors, it is common to struggle with what is called the “winter blues.” You or your employees may feel lethargic or moody occasionally, but it doesn’t affect your ability to enjoy life overall. A small percent of people (1-2%) have seasonal affective disorder (SAD) – which can only be diagnosed by a clinician – which is more life-altering and may have two or more weeks of depressed mood and symptoms, such as:
  • Sleeping more than usual
  • Loss of interest
  • Increased appetite
  • Withdrawal from social occasions
  • Thoughts of hopelessness
There are some things you can do in your office to help employees weather the winter and keep their productivity up. These include:
  • Encouraging environmental changes, such as opening the blinds to let sunlight in and warming up the workspace.
  • Offering social opportunities during video meetings and encouraging your employees to connect virtual via text, instant messages, or calls to help elevate their moods.
  • Take care of the mind and body by offering meditation sessions, stretches, or desk yoga.
You can also encourage your employees to care for themselves outside of work to lessen the effect of winter on their bodies and minds. Here are some suggestions:
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