FAQ Fridays: Getting Ready For Open Enrollment


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If I automatically re-enroll, will my monthly payment and financial help stay the same?

There are many factors that affect your monthly payment – including age – so the price will likely shift in 2015. Your financial help will also likely change, either because your income has changed or because the cost of the benchmark plan used to calculate your tax credit has changed. Be sure to check your mail for a letter to help you understand what your 2015 premium may look like.

Do I have to go back to the online marketplace to keep my coverage?

No. Without taking any action, you’ll be automatically re-enrolled in the same or a similar plan for 2015. If you get financial help from the government, however, the amount of help you get might be different than it was in 2014. Make sure you update your family and financial information to avoid being impacted at tax time.

Do I have to do anything to continue getting financial help?

Changes to your income or family affect your financial assistance, and should be updated to avoid being hit at tax time. These updates need to be made by Dec. 15 for coverage that begins Jan. 1. Need help updating your information? Call 855-269-9898 and one of our health plan advisors will walk you through the process.

How do I switch my coverage?

If you’re looking to switch your health insurance coverage this open enrollment, use this step-by-step guide to begin gathering the information you’ll need. At the end, the guide will prompt you to call a health plan advisor who can work with you to find a plan that best matches your health and financial needs. To browse different health insurance options on your own, visit bcbsm.com/myblue. FAQ Fridays aim to answer common questions we receive regarding the 2015 open enrollment period. Submit your questions to the Customer Action Center. To get one-on-one assistance, call a health plan advisor at 855-269-9898 visit one of our statewide walk-in centers. Photo Credit: Mark Norman Francis

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