How to Use the Blue Cross App to Understand Your Plan


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If you’re like most Americans, you spend about three hours on your smartphone every day, whether it’s watching TV, waiting in line or taking a break from work. So why not also use your phone when you need to get to the bottom of your health care coverage? If you’re a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan or Blue Care Network member, the BCBSM mobile app can help you become more familiar with the various aspects of your plan and provide confidence you’re getting the most from your coverage. Once you download the mobile app (available for Apple and Android devices), take some time to explore these sections:
  1. My Coverage: When you need to review the basic details of your plan, this is the place to go. Find a listing of all the coverage options you have (medical, dental, prescription etc.) and see a breakdown of things like copays and deductibles. You can also track your current referrals and prior authorizations.
  2. My Claims: This section of the mobile app is dedicated solely to claims (the invoice that your doctor or provider sends to Blue Cross). You can review details of the care you’ve received, like when you visited the doctor and the Amount You Pay and what claims have been finalized. If you have any questions about what you see here, there’s a simple call button that will connect you with a member of the Blue Cross member relations team to talk through any questions you may have.
  3. ID Card: Need to know your ID number, the group number, or what your copay will be at different kinds of doctor’s visits? Your virtual ID card is available in the mobile app for your convenience.
  4. Pay My Bill: If you’re not insured through your employer, this is the most important section of the mobile app because it’s where you can go to understand when your Blue Cross premium payments are due. You’ll see a list of how much you owe and the due dates, as well as contract and invoice numbers for your reference.
  5. Discounts: On top of comprehensive coverage, Blue Cross and Blue Care Network plans come with access to Blue365 deals, which offer exclusive savings and coupons on everyday items like groceries, gym memberships and even fitness gear.
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