Happy Holidays! Stay Healthy at the Office and Enjoy the Season


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If the shorter days and colder temperatures are sending you into winter hibernation mode, your overall health might be suffering as a result. This is especially true in the workplace. When you’re cooped up indoors all day with your coworkers, you increase the chance of catching someone else’s cold or flu. You’re also less likely to take that lunchtime walk or snack on the fresh fruit you picked up at the farmers’ market. On top of that, symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder may emerge along the way. For these reasons, it’s important to adopt a few essential healthy habits promoting winter workplace wellness. Follow these tips (and encourage coworkers to do the same!) and you’ll be able to enjoy a germ- and worry-free holiday season with friends and family.
  1. Take matters into your own hands: Do what you can on your own to stay healthy and in tip-top shape by using the BCBSM mobile app. It’s more than just a health insurance app. Through our Blue Cross® Health & Wellness resources, you can track your steps and fitness goals, providing extra motivation to get moving both inside and outside of the office. You can also use the app to find delicious, health-conscious recipes—perfect for planning your lunches.
  2. Plan some local holiday escapes: Holing up all winter long is a surefire way to come down with cabin fever. And feeling trapped and restless can cause additional stress and mood swings, making it harder for you and your team to focus on creating quality work. Mix up your typical days by helping to create a holiday event calendar for the office. Include trips to the local holiday market, group coffee dates off-site, or adventures like ice skating and indoor rock climbing.
  3. Collaborate on a wintertime menu: Part of the challenge with eating well this time of year is avoiding holiday comfort food temptations. Band together with the rest of your office by setting up a “potluck schedule,” where colleagues take turns bringing in healthy dishes to share, like seasonal soups.
  4. Make time to talk: Some people tend to feel anxious, lonely and sad around the holidays, for any variety of personal reasons. That, when combined with the stress of wrapping up the year’s work, can have a profound impact on productivity and success. If you notice a colleague dealing with the holiday blues, be an open ear for them so they feel supported. And while you’re at it, invite your co-workers to talk about non-work-related things to provide some much-needed downtime.
  5. Embrace your inner germaphobe: Cleaning your desk area and maintaining personal hygiene is the best way to avoid spending your time off sick in bed. Have some hand sanitizer on your desk to remind yourself to use it throughout the day (and ask coworkers who stop by to use it too!). Coordinate with staff to make sure items like sink faucets and door handles are regularly sanitized, too. Finally, clean your keyboard, mouse and telephone regularly since those are the items you touch the most.
Wishing you happy (and healthy) holidays! For other smart and effective ways to stay on top of your health, head over to these blogs:
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