7 Pandemic Habits to Continue

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As America and the rest of the world begin to emerge from the lost year of the pandemic, we’re taking stock of our lives in a new way. The past year at home forced many of us to adopt new ways of living, working and learning – for better and for worse. We baked banana bread, set up desks in our bedrooms, took lots of walks and learned how to throw Zoom parties. But as we move back to things that feel more normal, there are some pandemic habits that we might not want to forget so quickly:
  1. Video calls: Regular check-ins with friends and family don’t have to stop now that restrictions have loosened. Seeing a friendly face is an incredible mood-booster.
  2. Remote and flexible work options: The ability to work flexible hours and remotely has changed the way businesses operate forever. For many families – especially working parents – the remote work option is critical as they balance childcare and the demands of job.
  3. Prioritizing our health: Isolation due to the pandemic did cause a wealth of issues with our depression and anxiety, and all of us shouldered more stress as our lives were disrupted. Some of us took on more stress than others as we lost jobs or lost loved ones. The pandemic made us realize our mental health is just as important as our physical health – and both are worth caring for.
  4. Spending more time outside: Fresh air turned out to be the antidote many of us needed to get through the long pandemic year, and it proved to be the safest way to interact with others socially before vaccines became available. Being outside also has a wealth of other benefits for your health and is a great way to incorporate fun, seasonal exercise.
  5. Enjoying the little things: Spending more time at home meant little things like a good meal or company became more important than ever. Pay attention to what made you happy during the darkest moments of the pandemic, and hold on to those as you move forward – like a bouquet of fresh flowers, spending time with a pet, laughing with your children or cooking up a delicious breakfast.
  6. Supporting local businesses: Businesses large and small faced incredible hurdles during the pandemic. Spending money at local businesses is a great way to support your community. From restaurants to hardware stores to hair salons and barbershops, keeping your money local helps build community wealth for generations to come.
  7. Washing our hands: Let’s face it, cleaning and washing our hands is a great way to keep seasonal illnesses like the flu at bay. Why stop now while we’re ahead?
There are some pandemic habits that we’re ready to leave behind, including social isolation, cancelling travel plans and the quest for toilet paper. As we re-engage with society again, remember the lessons you learned during the pandemic and use them to shape your life moving forward. More from MIBluesPerspectives:
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