Finding a Realistic Approach to Work-Life Balance

Krystal Clark

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Achieving work-life balance may seem like an unattainable goal. Most people feel there are too many personal and professional obstacles standing in their way. It might be time to change your approach. Instead of focusing on outside factors you can’t control, start to look inward. Identify how your thoughts and actions have shaped your reality. “A lot of this well-being construction and development … is people taking the accountability to ... understand where they are in life and things they need to change, habits or behaviors,” said Cindy Bjorkquist, Director of Well-being at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Bjorkquist expands on the idea of finding balance and how it’s connected to our overall well-being in the latest episode of the A Healthier Michigan Podcast, hosted by Chuck Gaidica. [podcast_player] It is possible for employees to cultivate a healthy and productive lifestyle. “There is a subset of the population, who wake up every morning and they're positive and they're happy and they're very lucky to be in that state,” Bjorkquist explained. But for those who continue to struggle, she suggests starting at the top - with your brain. Take some time to unplug and remove yourself from the rat race. Go for a walk or a hike. Clear your head and reconnect with your purpose. “I personally feel that balance and well-being, they require this constant recharging of your soul,” Bjorkquist said. Want to know more about work-life balance? Read these posts:
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