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As you work to increase the well-being of your employees, don’t overlook the role that existing and emerging technology devices and programs can play. Technology and its role within well-being can range from apps and wearable devices to monitor health and keep up with social groups, to online visits with your doctor and using virtual modules and portals to monitor your health care. A 2018 survey found that 45% of respondents felt technology either had a slightly positive or very positive effect on employee well-being. Technology companies now support many components of well-being, such as sleep, exercise and meditation. Wearable technology has gone beyond being an extension of your phone. These devices can make it easier to take small steps toward being more active with prompts to tell you when you should move or reinforce positive behaviors.

Harnessing the power of tech for your employees

Wearables can usually be synchronized with well-being platforms to bring an even greater well-being impact to employers and employees. Depending on the information, or the platform, syncing your employees’ devices could provide more data to feed back into improving well-being culture. Most well-being platforms can make it easier to offer and track incentives. They can also offer a host of educational materials, as well as well-being challenges or competitions. Explore the apps, portals and technology available to support better nutrition, fitness, relaxation, sleep, hydration and even financial well-being. Based on your company’s well-being goals, consider rolling out a small tech giveaway or subscription to virtual programs that could help your employees. Take it a step further by creating challenges to kickstart healthier workplace habits and a culture of support among your employees. You can also remind employees that through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s Blue365® member savings program, members can get discounts on a variety of well-being technology, such as eMindful and Tivity Fitness Your Way. Learn more about how well-being technology advances every day in this Blue Cross® Virtual Well-Being webinar. During the webinar, experts discuss new and innovative apps, devices and other forms of technology that can help you support your employees’ physical, mental and social well-being. You can also sign up for future employer-focused and general interest webinars here, where you’ll also find past sessions and resources. Related:
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