A Business Case for Integrating Pharmacy and Medical Benefits


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A Business Case for Integrating Medical and Pharmacy Healthcare Benefits
Combining pharmacy and medical coverages has tremendous benefits for both businesses and their employees. Employees get more value out of their coverage through higher-quality care, one point of contact for all their health benefits and access to resources designed to simplify care. And, for businesses, bundling pharmacy and medical coverage can help lower employee absenteeism, improve productivity and reduce the cost of total care premiums. Integrated pharmacy and medical benefits ensure employees’ total health care needs are met from the moment they’re hired. Not only are medical and pharmacy needs covered, but member tools and resources give them a holistic view into their care. Here are just some of the ways integrating Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s pharmacy and medical coverage leads to optimized care:
  • Members with complex medical issues are twice as likely to be identified, assuring all care needs are met.
  • For chronic diseases, like diabetes, hypertension and coronary artery disease, integrated care management helps employers save nearly six percent on medical claims.
  • Opioid management efforts have driven a 65 percent decrease in long-acting oxycodone and oxymorphone use, as well as a 32 percent decrease in opioid prescriptions and declines in absenteeism and costly workplace-related accidents.
  • For pharmacy members on specialty drugs to treat conditions such as cancer, hepatitis C and multiple sclerosis, 90 percent stick to their prescribed medication therapy, boosting care results and allowing businesses to keep coverage costs manageable for employees with chronic diseases.
Results like these are one reason Blue Cross has been ranked first in member satisfaction among Michigan’s commercial health care plans. Learn more about the value of integrated medical and pharmacy benefits with these additional resources:
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