Learn How Opioid Abuse Affects Michigan Families and Businesses


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Opioid misuse and abuse has reached epidemic levels, with the National Institute on Drug Abuse estimating that between 20 and 30 percent of patients prescribed an opioid for pain treatment misuse these medications, and between eight and 12 percent develop an opioid use disorder. On Thursday, March 29, at noon, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan will be hosting the next installment of its Master Class series to educate business leaders about the opioid epidemic. “Fighting the Opioid Crisis, One Pill at a Time” is a free, one-hour webinar to educate benefits managers and HR professionals on what opioids are, the wide-reaching effects of opioid addiction, how Blue Cross is working to change the trajectory of this problem, and ways companies can help their employees get the care and treatment they need. Visit our Master Class site to learn more and register. This course is certified by the Human Resources Certification Institute for continuing education credit and has been approved for 1 HR recertification credit hour through HR Certification Institute®. While opioids can be effective in relieving moderate-to-severe pain, misusing them can evolve into abuse and addiction. Someone might begin taking the drug in higher doses than what was prescribed, taking them for a longer duration than what was prescribed, or start taking someone else’s prescription. Opioid misuse and abuse not only affects families; it also affect businesses. As reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, opioid abuse cost employers $20.4B in employee productivity in 2013. Companies have the opportunity to be on the front line of defense against opioid misuse and abuse by creating a culture of openness and honesty about addiction, providing familial support and equipping employees with the access they need to get treatment. In addition, educating employees about resources for the safe disposal of opioid medications, including the year’s first drug take-back event on April 28, is a vital step in ensuring these drugs don’t get into the wrong hands. Grow your understanding about opioids by visiting these blogs:

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