Coming Soon: New Blue Cross Virtual Well-being Program

Julie Bitely

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It’s important to focus on our overall well-being to care for the things that affect our health, happiness and productivity. But sometimes it’s not that easy. That’s about to change. Starting in January 2019, we’re launching Blue Cross Virtual Well-Being, an added capability that features live weekly webinars and downloadable content to support well-being. The webinars will be available to all Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network group customers and members. Short webinars will be held twice a week — one for employers on Tuesdays and one for members on Thursdays — and will be guided by a Virtual Well-Being coordinator, Matt Wozny. For employers, webinars will focus on a variety of well-being topics with related content that can be downloaded and used to develop, deliver and enhance workplace well-being programs. For members, webinars and downloadable content will mirror the employer topics, including financial wellness, resilience, emotional health, physical health, social connectedness, happiness, meditation and more. Employers and members can register for weekly well-being webinars at bluecrossvirtualwellbeing,com. They can also view past webinars and download related well-being content on this website. Why are we doing this? Employees with higher reported rates of well-being perform better at work, are more committed to their organization, are more willing to assist co-workers and customers, cope better with organizational change and experience less conflict with their teammates. “The health of our members is a top priority at Blue Cross, so we’re excited about offering this innovative program that will focus on how they can improve their overall well-being,” says Cindy Bjorkquist, director of well-being at Blue Cross. “Not only is the Virtual Well-Being program easily accessible for members looking to enhance their mental and physical health, but it’s also a convenient solution for employers to learn best practices for building, complementing or enhancing their onsite well-being program.” With Virtual Well-Being you can leverage our health and wellness expertise to support a culture of well-being, which can improve engagement and morale, attract and retain employees and reduce health care costs. If you’re in charge of employee benefits at your company, look for upcoming emails that will provide more details. Excited about Blue Cross Virtual Well-being? Read these posts:
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