Don’t Stop…Stopping Coronavirus

Amy Barczy

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As Michigan relaxes stay-at-home restrictions and reopens businesses, the coronavirus is still present in our communities. Actions each person takes will determine how the pandemic progresses – and it’s up to all of us to consider safety measures advised by health officials when interacting with others in public spaces. Though the number of new cases of coronavirus has fallen significantly, we all need to stay the course to keep the case count low. Staying home as much as possible is still strongly encouraged, though seeing your doctor for routine or needed care is as vital as ever. Staying six feet apart from others, wearing face coverings in enclosed public spaces and when social distancing isn’t possible and frequent hand washing are all safety measures health officials advise should continue even as restrictions loosen. This means continuing to wear face coverings in public when at the grocery store, when getting a haircut or when visiting a restaurant. As we embrace the summer season, there are ways to enjoy favorite summer traditions safely in the new reality. The beach and the park can both be enjoyed safely if staying six feet apart from others is possible. Avoid peak times and consider wearing face coverings if social distancing isn’t possible. At the pool, the same advice applies: Don’t share equipment with people outside of your household – and wear a face covering when interacting with others in common spaces like the restroom or concession stand. When traveling, make sure to take extra precautions before hitting the road or boarding a flight. Many international travel restrictions are still in place, and the place you may be traveling to might not have the same restrictions that you do at home. Talk with your doctor before getting out of town to make sure you’re up to date on vaccines. Michigan has made great strides in confronting the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic. The initial closures and strict measures have now resulted in seven weeks of declines in the number of new deaths from the coronavirus. This success is commendable – and can be continued if we all commit to following safety precautions throughout the rest of the year. More from
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