Why Should Employers Opt for Insurance Plans with an Integrated Health Savings Account Solution?  

Jake Newby

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What Are the Benefits of Integrated HSA Solutions?
To maximize the many benefits that HSAs have to offer, employers should seriously consider health insurance plans with an integrated HSA solution. It can be complex for both employers and employees when companies rely on multiple HSA vendors. But that confusion can be avoided when health plan and spending account needs meet in one place. Keeping a medical plan and HSA administration together makes for an easier, more seamless experience for all parties. It also saves human resource teams a lot of stress and time dealing with a long list of vendors.

How does an integrated HSA solution improve customer experience?

Blue Cross partners with best-in-class, industry-leading HSA administrators — Health Equity and HSA Bank — to offer a simpler experience for employers and their employees. When employees log in to their BCBSM member account, they can easily manage both their medical plans and HSAs. Employers get enrollment, eligibility, membership, claims, billing, benefits, and spending account management all in one place with BCBSM’s integrated HSA solutions. Claims data is automatically loaded to allow employees to easily pay providers or reimburse themselves directly from the HSA website. Other benefits for employees include:
  • Easy account setup and streamlined administration
  • Easy payment and claim tracking
  • Single sign-on capabilities that minimize confusion for users when logging in
BCBSM integrated solutions give you a one-stop shop for benefit, enrollment, eligibility, membership, claims, billing and spending account management. It cuts the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and means less legwork for your benefits department.

How can employers select an integrated solution?

If you’re interested in an integrated solution, contact your Blue Cross account manager or agent. To learn more about HSAs or other consumer-directed health plans, visit For Employers: Consumer-Directed Health Care | BCBSM here. Photo credit: Getty Images Keep reading:

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