Employer Webinars

Integrating Inclusion and Diversity with Your Well-Being Program

Join us as we discuss various ways employers are integrating inclusion and diversity into well-being programs.

Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts

Join us as we discuss how estate planning, wills and trusts is part of financial well-being and can positively impact your emotional well-being. A version of this webinar for your employees can be found on the member landing page.

Seven Tips for a Successful Garden

Gardening has been proven to decrease stress and improve overall well-being. Leverage these benefits through a worksite garden, home garden or volunteering at a community garden. Join us to learn Cindy and Marissa’s seven tips for growing a successful garden. A version of this webinar for your employees can be found on the member landing page.

Popular Functional Training Moves Demonstration

Join us in Marissa’s gym as she demonstrates popular functional training moves that improve strength, balance, flexibility and the ability to perform daily activities safely. A version of this webinar for your employees can be found on the member landing page.

Brrr! Take a Cold Plunge with Cindy and Marissa

Join us as we discuss the ancient practice of cold plunging and its benefits to your physical and mental well-being. Cindy and Marissa will demonstrate a cold plunge in a northern Michigan lake. A version of this webinar for your employees can be found on the member landing page.

Birding and the Brain

Description: Join us to learn why listening to and watching birds may improve your brain health and well-being. Researchers have found that watching birds at a bird feeder for 10 minutes can boost your mood. A version of this webinar for your employees can be found on the member landing page.

Dr. Himabindu Chandraskhar Discusses Pelvic Floor Health for Men and Women

Join us for a discussion with Dr. Himabindu Chandraskhar on ways to keep the pelvic floor healthy and signs and symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction. A version of this webinar for your employees can be found on the member landing page.

The Diabetes Plate Method Explained by a Registered Dietician

Join us for a discussion with Katie Tymkew, registered dietician, as she reviews the Diabetes Plate Method. This method helps manage diabetes and pre-diabetes by providing a properly balanced diet using portions that are separated based on food types placed on the plate. A version of this webinar for your employees can be found on the member landing page.

Eric Hipple Speaks on Moving from Conditional to Unconditional Self-Acceptance

Join us as Eric Hipple discusses how moving from conditional self-acceptance to unconditional self-acceptance can lead to improved motivation resulting in enhanced mental health and well-being. A version of this webinar for your employees can be found on the member landing page.

Learn to Ruck for Men’s Health Month

Rucking has military origins and has expanded to the civilian population using weighted backpacks to improve strength and cardiovascular health. Chris Barr will join us to give an overview and demonstrate various rucking exercises. A version of this webinar for your employees can be found on the member landing page.

Dr. Jennifer Wulff Speaks on Falls Safety and Prevention

Join us to learn how to prevent tripping hazards and falls. We will also demonstrate exercises you can incorporate into your daily routine to help improve your balance. A version of this webinar for your employees can be found on the member landing page.

Two Women in Kayaks Go Fishing for Well-Being

Join Cindy and Marissa in kayaks as they demonstrate how you can use fishing to improve your mood and overall well-being. Bonus, your catch may improve your heart health. A version of this webinar for your employees can be found on the member landing page.

Celebrate Your Age

Growing older is a gift you should celebrate. A positive self-perception of aging may lead to healthy behaviors and higher well-being. Join us as we discuss why you should celebrate your age and hear from people ages 65 to 100 on what they’ve learned about happiness, longevity and the wisdom they would share with others. A version of this webinar for your employees can be found on the member landing page.

How to Avoid Procrastinating When It Comes to Your Healthy Habits

Join us to learn the six different types of procrastinators and identify how you can avoid procrastinating to accomplish your healthy habits. A version of this webinar for your employees can be found on the member landing page.

One Week Physical Activity Minutes Challenge

We’ll provide a One Week Physical Activity Minutes Challenge your employees can use to track their physical activity minutes as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We’ll start the challenge Thursday during the member webinar, so send the link to your employees to register. Downloadable and customizable material will be provided.

Dr. Gwendolyn Parker Discusses Colorectal Cancer

Join us for a discussion with Dr. Gwendolyn Parker, associate medical director at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, about colorectal cancer risks and the importance of screenings.

Dr. Dayna LePlatte Discusses Caregiver Self-care Tips to Avoid Burnout

Join Dr. Dayna LePlatte, medical director at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, as she discusses the importance of self-care for caregivers and offers tips to avoid burnout to protect your well-being.

Personalize Your Sleep Hygiene

Join us as we review what current research says you should consider when personalizing your sleep hygiene routine.

The Art and Well-Being Connection with Shazia Siddiqi

Join us to discover your potential and purpose, and improve your emotional well-being through art. Shazia Siddiqi, founder of Let’s Art About It, will show how art can be centering and transforming.

Walking together through tragedy: a conversation with behavioral health experts

During this interactive session, we will discuss recent tragic events and how to effectively manage your journey through trauma.

Valentine’s Day Self-love

Join us for a discussion on self-love, including self-acceptance, self-worth and self-respect. Self-love can create a positive view of yourself, building your emotional resilience and preparing you for challenges.

Playing an Instrument is a Full Brain Workout

Join us for a discussion on how playing an instrument involves almost every part of your brain, leading to enhanced cognitive function and decreased loss of memory. Evidence suggests picking up an instrument later in life can also boost your brain health — it’s never too late.

Hygge 2023

Hygge is a Scandinavian concept that includes feelings of well-being and contentment. Join us as we discuss how to create a hygge atmosphere in your home or office.

Dr. Michael Kobernick Discusses Medical and Psychological Facts Associated with Cannabis Use

Join us for a discussion with Dr. Michael Kobernick, senior medical director at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, about the medical and psychological facts associated with cannabis use.

National Healthy Weight Week Promotion

National Healthy Weight Week is dedicated to understanding the importance of getting to and maintaining a healthy weight. Join us as we provide you with ideas and downloadable materials to promote National Healthy Weight Week at your worksite.

Drop 5 Virtual Weight-loss Community Promotion

Join us to hear about our weekly Drop 5 Virtual Weight-loss Community, a free weight-loss education and support group that is part of our Thursday webinars. Downloadable promotional material will be available.

Appreciating Your Life Journey

Join us for a discussion on appreciating your life journey and acknowledging how past events and decisions formed who you are today.

Hunt for the Positive Things in Your Life

Join us as we discuss the importance of focusing daily on the positive gifts in your life. This positive psychology habit can also be used to rewire your brain during challenging times.

Developing Healthy Money Habits for Financial Freedom

Join us to learn how to develop healthy money habits to improve your financial well-being as you move toward financial freedom.

Conquering Family Stress During the Holidays

Join us to learn several techniques to conquer the inevitable stress during the holidays.

Leveraging Mindfulness for Upcoming Performance Reviews

Join us to learn how to leverage different mindfulness techniques to get through difficult conversations.

Brain Health for Seniors

Join Dr. Dayna LePlatte as she discusses the research behind brain health for seniors including completing puzzles, playing games and the benefits of learning something new.

Come Fika with Cindy and Marissa

Bring a hot drink and snack to fika with Cindy and Marissa. This important Swedish tradition held twice per day is centered around giving yourself a moment to have a break and socialize with others.

Create Charcuterie Boards for the Holidays

Join Marissa and her daughter Kate for a demonstration on how to create various charcuterie boards for the holidays.

Prioritizing Your Self-Care

Join us as we discuss how self-care has moved from a luxury to a necessity to live a thriving life. You’ll be asked to identify areas of self-care you should be prioritizing.

College Student Insurance and Well-Being Checklist

Join us for a review of our College Student Insurance and Well-Being Checklist. Students can use the checklist to help them understand insurance jargon and remind them how to maintain their well-being while at college.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Join us for a discussion on breast cancer awareness with Mary Mehi, R.N.

October Global Participation Challenge

Join us as we roll out the October Global Participation Challenge celebrating all the countries engaged with Virtual Well-Being in 2022. Each day has an activity that is inspired by a different participating country.

Designing a Happiness Lifestyle

Join us for a discussion on designing a happiness lifestyle. Studies consistently show that happy people have lower blood pressure, less stress, healthier body weights and stronger hearts than their less optimistic neighbors.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Bath

Join us to experience a sound bath using a Tibetan singing bowl, which has been found to have beneficial effects linked with mood, tension and well-being.

World Suicide Prevention Day #BeThe1To

September is National Suicide Prevention Month and September 10 is designated as World Suicide Prevention Day. Join us for a discussion with Julia Kyle, Blue Cross Director of Behavioral Health, on raising awareness, how to eliminate stigma and #BeThe1To (spread the word about actions we can all take to prevent suicide).

Fiber and Gut Health

Join us for a discussion on why you should prioritize gut health and how it affects your overall well-being, including energy production, immunity and mood.

How Silence Can Improve Your Well-Being

Join us as we discuss how silence throughout the day may stimulate brain growth, relieve tension and lead to a higher sense of well-being. We’ll share examples on how to incorporate silence into your day.

September Plant-based Meal Challenge

Join us for a discussion on the positive health benefits of plant-based eating and receive an employee plant-based meal challenge for the month of September, along with plant-based recipes.

Skin Care Health with Sara Wilchowski, MS, PA-C

Join us for a discussion with Sara Wilchowski, MS, PA-C, on all the aspects of maintaining the health of your skin including prevention, detection and the importance of seeing a dermatologist for a checkup.

The Importance of Physical Activity for Seniors

Join us for a discussion on the importance of physical activity for seniors to increase strength and flexibility to continue enjoying your daily activities.

Dr. Jennifer Wulff Speaks on Fall Prevention for Seniors and Other Adults

Join us for a discussion on how to identify falls risk, improve balance and reduce chances of a fall.

Navigating the Menopause Journey

Dr. Himabindu Chandrasekhar joins us for a discussion on the signs and symptoms of perimenopause, menopause and post menopause, and tips on how to manage the journey.

Bladder Control for Seniors

Join us for a physician-led discussion on bladder control for seniors and the importance of discussing your concerns with your physician.

Foods that Boost Brain Health

Join us for a discussion on what foods are linked in studies to improve brain health and function.

Four Mini Well-Being Challenges

Join us and receive four mini weekly challenges. Challenges will include spending time in nature, establishing a morning routine, decluttering and improving social connection.

Oral Health and Well-Being Connection

Join Lisa Knowles, DDS, as she discusses oral health and the connection to overall well-being. Dentists can also screen for early symptoms of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Refresh Your Menu with Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month. Join us for creative ways to include fruits and vegetables in all your meals throughout the day.

Men’s Health Month

Join us to learn the importance of men seeking health care and encouraging boys, men and their families to practice and implement healthy living decisions, such as exercising and eating healthy.

World Environmental Day

June 5 is World Environmental Day. Join us as we share ideas on creating a cleaner, greener more sustainable lifestyle to create a better world.

The Critical Role of Friendships in Health and Longevity

Join us as we discuss the multiple studies that show how friendships positively impact our emotional and physical health and may even extend our life.

The Animal Connection

Join us as we discuss the amazing connection between animals and humans ranging from improved health benefits to social connection.

Eliminate External Validation

Join us as we discuss how to move from using external validation to self-validation to define self-worth and remove judgement.

Maternal Health and Family Building

Join Marti Walsh, MD, for a discussion on health disparities, Covid-19 impacts, the 4th trimester and your overall well-being.

Strength Training Challenge

Join us for a discussion on the benefits of strength training and receive a Seven-day Strength Training Challenge to share with your employees.

Planting for Garden-to-Table

Join us for a discussion on the many health benefits of growing a garden, including how growing your own fruits, herbs and vegetables can result in better nutrition at meal times.

Benefits of Green Exercise

Join us for a discussion on the physical and psychological benefits of taking physical activity outdoors in natural environments.

Why You Should Talk to Strangers

Multiple studies show the positive benefits of talking to strangers from a brief encounter to having a deep conversation. Join us as we discuss various ways to engage with strangers in our current environment.

Well-Being 101

Join us as we discuss the components that make up a successful well-being program.

Applying Resilience to Bounce Back from Failure

Join us as we discuss how to overcome failures and turn them into victories and lessons learned.

Cultivating the Skill of Relaxation

Join us as we discuss various ways to curate your relaxation time, including different types of rest, creating space, auditing your thoughts and more.

Preventive Care

Join us to discuss on how preventive care can detect or prevent major medical conditions. This includes tests, screenings and regular visits.

Nutrition Challenge: Eat Three Vegetables a Day for 21 Days

Join us to receive the Eat Three Vegetables a Day for 21-Days Challenge with downloadable customizable content you can provide to your employees. In observance of Nutrition Month, commit to eating a minimum of three servings of vegetables a day.

Self-reflection of Your Past 168 Hours

We have a gift of 168 hours per week. Join us as we lead you in a self-reflection exercise to determine if you’re honoring your well-being by using your hours wisely.

Random Acts of Kindness Boost Your Well-Being

Prepare for National Random Acts of Kindness Day by learning how giving and receiving kindness positively impacts your well-being and can make you a more empathetic leader.

Helping Family and Friends Move Forward Following the Oxford Tragedy

Join us for a discussion on trauma and how people may continue to struggle with the aftermath of the Oxford tragedy for months to come. You will learn strategies to focus on your well-being, build resilience and ways to identify warning signs to seek help.

Fill Your Heart by Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to promote heart health. Bring a piece of paper and something to draw a heart that you will fill with well-being activities.

Mindful Mail Art Workshop

Bring an envelope and join us for a mindful art experience. You can mail your decorated envelope with a note of thanks or gratitude to a co-worker, friend or loved one.

Exercise Frequency and Duration to Keep You Healthy as You Age

Join us for a discussion on the recommended exercise frequency and duration to keep you healthy as you age.

Digital Detox to Reconnect with Yourself

Disconnect from the noise around you and reconnect with yourself, even exploring what you’re really feeling. Commit to a Digital Detox Challenge.


Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery that reminds us to value our beauty and imperfections.

The "Blue Mind" Theory

Water in the ocean, rivers, lakes and even baths can make us feel calmer, increase well-being and boost creativity. Blue Mind is the mildly meditative state we fall into when we’re near, in, on or under water. We will talk about the Blue Mind, how water positively affects your mind and body, and how you can incorporate it into your life.

Holiday Well-Being Trivia

Did you know there are 233 calories in a cup of eggnog? Or that more than 2 billion cards are sent for the holidays in the U.S.? We will host a trivia game during our webinar. Trivia can enhance your memory, improve cognition and help your brain perform under pressure. We will provide you a trivia game handout you can use with your staff.

Prepping for Success in 2022

A new year brings the possibility of a new start. We will review creating vision boards, micro habits and a seasonal bucket list of well-being activities to make the everyday special.

Two-Week, 300 Minute Physical Activity Challenge

According to CDC, the average person needs 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each week. This session will give you tips to help you encourage your employees to exercise. You will be provided with a .pdf fillable tracker to share with your employees to track their 300 minutes of physical activity during a two-week period.

Drop 5 Holiday Scale Freeze

We will review the Drop 5 Holiday Scale Freeze that will be kicked off on Thursday, November 18. We’ll provide an informational overview and email template you can send to your employees. The program is public and can be extended to friends and family. Participants will weigh themselves before Thanksgiving and re-weigh themselves after the new year with a goal to maintain their weight throughout the holidays.

Dr. Beecroft Discusses Anxiety at Work

The American Psychiatry Association identifies anxiety as the most common behavioral health condition in the United States. Dr. Beecroft joins us to discuss anxiety at work including the anxiety around returning to in-person work.

Helping Employees Maintain Well-Being as a Caregiver

In 2020, more than 20% of Americans worked as unpaid caregivers for a loved one, according to AARP. Join Dr. Kobernick as he discusses avoiding caregiver burnout and how to support employees who are caregivers.

November Well-Being Challenge

Join us for a well-being challenge that you can distribute to your team, family and friends. The November Well-Being Challenge will include options to help focus attention, boost happiness and improve overall well-being.

Reflective Writing Workshop

Reflective writing is a way to document your response to experiences, communicate your thoughts and achieve clarity. This workshop will lead you through a short, reflective writing exercise. Come prepared with a piece of paper and something to write with.

How Chronotypes Affect Your Energy

Our bodies are governed by our circadian rhythm — a 24-hour cycle of sleeping and waking. We also have one of four chronotypes that dictates when we’re most sleepy and energetic during the day. Join us to discover which chronotype you are and how to boost your energy throughout the whole day.

4Q 20-Minute Self-Care Break

Start your fourth quarter off by joining us for 20 minutes of self-care with a stretch, laughter and mindfulness break.

The Science Behind Bringing Humor to Work

Learn how creating a culture that embraces laughter spurs creativity, authenticity and psychological safety, allowing people to form connections and perform at their best.

The Power of Routine and Rituals

Routines help us stay focused and can improve your physical health. Including rituals into our routine helps ground us and reduce stress. Join us as we talk about the power of routines and rituals in our well-being journey.

The Impact of Meditation on Your Well-Being

Join us as we discuss the science-based benefits of meditation and participate in five short meditations that can improve your well-being. Reminder: Virtual Well-Being offers weekly live meditations that are also stored on demand.

Eric Hipple
Eric Hipple Discusses Suicide Prevention (special 1-hour session)

Eric Hipple, former quarterback for the Detroit Lions, will join us to discuss depression, suicide prevention and his book “Real Men Do Cry: A Quarterback’s Inspiring Story of Tackling Depression and Surviving Suicide Loss.”

A Hygge Lifestyle Challenge

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish practice of creating warmth, connection and well-being. We will review hygge and provide a downloadable Hygge Challenge you can distribute to your employees.

The Art Making Process and Connection to Feelings

There are many activities that people can do that qualify as an art-making process. Join us as we review the various activities and the connection to feelings they produce.

Using Virtual Reality for Exercise and Social Connection

Join us as we review how people are using virtual reality headsets to watch movies, socialize with others and exercise to live a more thriving life.

The Value of Planning Your Day

Join us for tips on how to determine your most productive time of day and how to structure your workday to reduce stress.

The Science Behind Decluttering

Join us to review how decluttering can improve focus, reduce anxiety and help with procrastination. We will provide you with downloadable content you can distribute to your employees.

The AWE Connection to Mind and Body

Join us to learn how awe can improve your emotional well-being, and receive an Awe Walk Activity you can distribute to your employees.

Creating Micro Habits to Achieve Big Goals

Join us as we discuss the science behind breaking big well-being goals into small, manageable micro habits to achieve long-term success.

COVID-19 Information Updates

Join Dr. Michael Kobernick, senior medical director at Blue Cross, as he provides a COVID-19 update and answers questions.

Summer Olympic Well-Being Challenge

Join us as we provide you with a Summer Olympic Well-Being Challenge. You can customize and use it anytime during the Olympics, July 23 through August 8.

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