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As a leader, your employees are your most valuable asset. Research cited in the Harvard Business Review in October 2021 shows focusing on employee well-being can improve job performance and lower levels of burnout. Well-being focuses on the whole person, including their physical, financial, social and emotional health. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan supports employers who focus on well-being by offering innovative programs delivered virtually, digitally and via phone to their employees. BCBSM has the following well-being resources for you and your employees at no additional cost:
Here are what some of the Drop 5 members are saying: -- "I've lost 7 pounds since the beginning of the year and have gotten lots of ideas from this webinar. I'm drinking more water, walking twice daily and tracking my food. Thanks for the support!" -- "I've lost 30 pounds since the beginning of the year with portion control, food journaling, and daily walks or jogs."
  • Tuesday webinars are for leaders and focus on well-being at the workplace. Thursday webinars are the same topic as Tuesday but focused on individual well-being. You will receive emails and links you can forward to employees for the Thursday webinars. Guided meditations are presented live each Wednesday at noon Eastern. Visit to register for upcoming webinars or to view past webinars on demand.
  • The CDC reports that 42% of Americans are obese. To address this, Drop 5 Virtual Weight-Loss Community is part of the Thursday member webinar. The community is comprised of people who are trying to lose weight in five-pound increments. Each week participants receive a weight loss tip and are asked to send in their scale and non scale victories.
  • Win by Losing is a bi-annual weight loss contest between Blue Cross customers. Teams are provided a weekly newsletter with weight loss tips, recipes developed by a registered dietitian, weight loss meditations and promotional materials. The winning teams are selected by percentage of weight lost in nine weeks and receive a personalized trophy.
  • Blue Cross Health & Well-being, powered by WebMD® is a member account resource with a wealth of information and interactive tools that your employees can use to improve or maintain healthy lifestyles, such as:
    • Health assessment
    • My Health Assistant
    • My Pregnancy Assistant
    • Health Tracker with wearable integration
    • Health education resources
    • The Daily VictorySM and Weigh Today apps
  • Tobacco Coaching is a 12-week, telephone-based tobacco coaching program for employees who are ready to set a quit date within the next 30 days.
  • Blue365®, our member discount program, gives your employees access to exclusive savings on national and Michigan-based products and services for a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, including:
    • Gym memberships, fitness gear and health magazines
    • Weight-loss programs, cooking classes and cookbooks
    • Travel and recreation
    • Lasik and eye care services, dental care and hearing aids
Visit and view the "Health and well-being" folder for resources to help promote Blue Cross Health & Well-Being programs in your workplace. If you would like an incentive program, we offer Plus which includes reward tracking, a configurable platform, well-being challenges, and text messaging. Additional buy-ups include Physician Health Screening, electronic gift card fulfillment, Blue Cross Health & Well-being Access, and Livongo® for Behavioral Health by myStrength. Contact your Blue Cross agent or account manager to learn more. Like this post? Read these:
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