Enjoy the Swedish Tradition of Fika

Shandra Martinez

| 1 min read

Fika is part of the Swedish culture where people gather to eat, drink and socialize during the day, usually in the morning and again in the afternoon. This scheduled ritual among Swedes is more than just a coffee break — it’s a mindful moment, a time to slow down and appreciate the good things in life.
Fika is generally shared with friends, family or co-workers, and enjoyed over coffee and traditional Swedish pastries. In Sweden, fika is something to look forward to, an opportunity to stop and savor the moment rather than grabbing a cup of coffee on the run.
You can fika with friends at work, cafes, outdoors or at home. Schedule time in your day to fika for your wellbeing. 
1. Set aside some time during the day to fika.
2. Invite a friend, family member, co-worker to fika with you.
3. Grab a coffee, tea or beverage of choice.
4. Select a treat to enjoy with your beverage.
5. Enjoy pleasant conversation or play games with your companions.
Learn more about the Swedish tradition of fika in this Blue Cross Virtual Well-Being℠ webinar, Come Fika with Cindy and Marissa. You can also sign up for future employer-or individual-focused webinars and guided meditations here.
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