How to Get a Narcan Kit in Michigan 

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Approximately every eight minutes a person dies from an opioid overdose. There are many reasons for opioid overdose emergencies, and most often they happen accidentally and at home. Narcan – the preeminent brand of naloxone – is a potentially lifesaving medication designed to help quickly reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. Evzio is another popular naloxone brand. Since many opioid overdoses are witnessed by friends and family members, having a Narcan/naloxone rescue kit is critical.

What is in a Narcan kit?

Narcan nasal administration kits are needle-free and typically consist of the following elements: 
  • Face shield for CPR rescue breathing
  • Fentanyl test strip and instructions
  • Instructions for appropriate use
  • Latex gloves
  • Two nasal spray doses of Narcan

How do I get a Narcan kit in Michigan?

The State of Michigan has taken action to assure that all Michiganders have access to Narcan by standing order. Anyone can walk into a pharmacy and request Narcan/naloxone without a doctor’s prescription. Here are a few ways to get yours: 
At Michigan pharmacies: Currently, more than 1,575 pharmacies in Michigan are approved to dispense Narcan/naloxone. Payment for the non-addictive medicine is covered by Medicaid and many other forms of insurance. Click here to view the entire list of pharmacies that sell Narcan/naloxone. You can also view a map of participating pharmacies at this link. Narcan is listed on the 2023 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) Clinical Drug List, however, it should be noted that coverage and applicable out-of-pocket costs for drugs on the list are based on your own drug plan. Not all drugs included in the list are covered by each member’s plan. If you have questions, call the number on the back of your BCBSM member ID card to:
  • Find a participating retail pharmacy by ZIP code
  • Look up lower-cost medication alternatives
  • Compare medication pricing and options
Delivered by mail: Needle Exchange Technology (NEXT) Distro is a non-profit, online, and mail-based harm reduction service designed to reduce opioid overdose death, prevent injection-related disease transmission, and improve the lives of people who use drugs. NEXT’s mail-based services are specifically designed to assist those without health insurance and who are unable or unwilling to access in-person services in Michigan. To qualify for free mail-based Narcan/naloxone distribution, you need to view a training video, answer a short quiz, and provide enrollment information. Learn more by clicking here.
Other: Michigan fire departments are another source. Ann Arbor Fire Departments, for example, have free Narcan/naloxone kits funded by the State of Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. Also, you can check with your county’s health department to see if they provide Narcan/naloxone kits. Some provide them for free.
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